I am pretty excited about this. Any time we have an announcement of a new restaurant here in Amarillo, I am all ears. We seem to do a pretty good job of supporting the places we have. What can I say we like to go out to eat a lot here in Amarillo.

So sometime early last month I ran across the news of this new place. The Catch. It is moving into the old location of Carl's Jr. on 45th. A new place to try some seafood. I am always game for that as well.

credit: Google Maps
credit: Google Maps

So here we are almost at two months since I first read the news and I found out that we are getting closer to the actual opening date. How do I know this? Well I saw that they posted about starting to hire people. Ahhhh that is some good news.

With the thought of hiring soon that only means that they are not looking at it being too much longer until we can try them out. In fact, on their Facebook page they actually confirmed the news:

We will start hiring Tuesday at our location 5900 W, SW 45th Ave, Amarillo, TX 79109! Stop by and Sea Zack! Spread the Word now hiring and opening soon!!!

So they started the process of hiring people yesterday. If you need a job there you go. Another place that is looking for some help.

I have never been to a location of  The Catch. The closest location is in Lubbock right now. All the reviews I have seen have been pretty darn exciting. I love me some seafood. They will have crab, they will have oysters. They will  have a lot of great things to try. 

So anytime there is news about a new place about to open. You know you are getting close to making it a reality when they start the hiring process. Get them hired. Get them trained. Get us some great seafood. I can't wait.

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