When Jake Davidson got the idea to ask two-time Sports Illustrated covergirl Kate Upton to his senior prom, he posted a YouTube video to get her attention. But since Kate is nothing if not magical, she gave a surprise response on Wednesday morning's 'Today' show.

This whole thing started on March 17, when Jake posted this tweet:

The cute video therein later went viral, and Kate herself even retweeted it with a response:

Since then, Jake's been making the media rounds, and on Wednesday's 'Today' show, hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb had a surprise for him -- Kate herself was on the phone to speak with him live on the air.

Needless to say, that sent Davidson into fits of stammers. But to his credit, he managed to keep enough composure to make his plea once again, telling the swimsuit model, "It will be a great night ... I could even get [my 11 p.m.] curfew extended, hopefully, talk to my parents, maybe."

Kate reiterated how much she loved his video and that she still needed to check her schedule, but that if there weren't any conflicts, she'd "love to go."

Other models throw cell phones -- Kate Upton uses hers to make wishes come true.

This is just the latest example of social media hooking up celebs with mere mortals for dances -- but let's be real here. Jake Davidson has raised the bar, cementing himself in history as a brave and fearless renaissance man.

He needs to pull this off. Not just for himself. This is bigger than him. He needs to do it for 17-year-olds everywhere who are reading this and seething with resentment. He is a shining beacon of hope for young men everywhere who want to admire Kate Upton's shining beacons of hope in person.

Godspeed, Jake Davidson. Godspeed.

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