If I was Kate Walsh, I'd be showing it all off too!  The 44 year old actress is in incredibly good shape for her age, can you say MILF?  Is she a grandmother?  If she is then it's GILF.  Either way, she's hot, mature, and naked on the cover of Shape magazine!

Added bonus, she's twisted up like a pretzel!  I realize that she's all contorted because she's covering her private parts and what not.  But the silver lining to that touch of grey is that just shows how flexible she is!  Despite what you may be thinking right now, I really do have respect for women.  I also appreciate!  This is something to be appreciated!

Kate admits to have gotten a little stage fright saying: “I was terrified, but I really wanted to do a naked cover — especially with SHAPE, because the magazine is about loving yourself inside and out.”

I just love the fact that she intentionally wanted to a "naked" cover!  Again, I'm just appreciating.

The March issue hits the shelves this Monday so get ready to add it to your collection!  I'm sure there's some good information in the magazine, it's just with Kate naked on the cover, I could care less about whats inside.

Your not going to get to gaze upon her candy-land in the 1 and only picture, but here's a huge version of it that you can give a good ocular pat-down.