This was the couple of the century and it breaks my heart to hear this news!  Actually, no it doesn't, John Mayer can play a mean guitar, but he's way out of Katy Perry's league!  This new "I'm all of the sudden a cowboy" look he's rocking isn't helping either.  So this to me is actually great news!  People says the 2 are no longer an item, and by people, I mean People magazine, not just some random people out there talking.

People Magazine:

"They weren't serious, but she was really starting to fall for him," a source close to Perry, 27, tells PEOPLE.

"She wasn't seeing forever with him, but saw it lasting longer than it did," says the source of the singer, whose husband Russell Brand filed for divorce in December.

I fell sorry for ladies of Katy's style.  I know it's hard to find a good man out there, and for some reason it's like you're a magnet for douche bags.

Hey, there's hope for everyone!  Katy, don't give up!  My wife told me I could become a polygamist and have you as my second wife!  HOLLA!