First off, this dude is not exactly what I imagined when I pictured my future father-in-law.  A bald headed, rape glasses wearing man?  Well whatever I'll take what I can get, this divorce just needs to go down already between Katy Perry and Russell Brand.  Katy, I am patiently waiting, my wife is starting to get open to the idea of me having 2 wives and your the only one she's approved so far!

Well Katy's daddy has had a muzzle put on his mouth and been strictly ordered not to talk about the divorce with anyone!

Her dad, Keith Hudson, was out grocery shopping in Irvine, CA on Friday, mearly hours after the divorce papers were filed, when he was swarmed by the paparazzi.  All pops had to say was  "I can't talk ... I can't talk to you ... sorry about that."

Turns out, Perry WANTED Brand to file the divorce papers, because she didn't want to further upset her religious parents, who believe divorce is wrong.

Word also is that Brand is looking at making somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 million dollars off this divorce.  This dude has gotten lucky to many times.  Let's banish him to Canada or something.

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