Well this is going to increase your screen time, but it could also land you $$$$ for keeping your finger on their app literally. MSCHF a company trying to build a trending brand by creating viral moments has kicked off their next sensation, an internet-wide competition with as much as $25,000 on the line.

How do you win the contest? Open up their new app Finger On The App, put your finger on the screen and leave it there. Whoever can keep their finger on the screen longest will win a cash prize, thought the exact amount of that prize is actually up to the other people that the winner beats out. Users of the app will vote on whether the contest’s winner should take home $25,000, a penny or a number in between. The winner will take home the average of all of those user votes.

The contest kicks off Tuesday June 23 and you’ll need to download the App, unfortunately it’s not available for android users. If you enable Bluetooth access on the App and play with other people you can get an extra life. Basically if your finger slips off the screen you’ll have 10 seconds to put it back on without penalty. You get up to three extra lives.  Here is where this game gets interesting. The prize for the winner can be as much as 25K, but everyone who loses gets to actually decide the amount the winner will get, and losers can vote as little as $0. If you are the winner your prize amount is up to the losers you just cancelled. Ouch.

There will not be a second game ever. So play this one time and get a chance at the possibility of winning.

TSM Danny
TSM Danny

MSCHF’s strategy head Daniel Greenberg says this latest stunt has been in the works for 4-5 months.

“This is a one-time game, everything MSCHF does is built to be short-lasting,” Greenberg says. “If this is done right, this could truly be a moment on the internet.”

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