They've got a brand new house together -- and one of Nashville's happiest high-profile relationships -- but Kelly Clarkson says that she and her boyfriend Brandon Blackstock aren't in any hurry to put a ring on it.

"There’s no rush; we’re not pushing anything," Clarkson told Life & Style during a recent interview to promote her upcoming 'Greatest Hits' CD. "We will totally get married in the future. He already has two awesome kids — an 11-year-old and a seven-year-old."

In the short term, they plan on staying home for the holidays with the kids. "This is our first holiday together, so we’re just going to celebrate in our new house. We’re going to wake up early, open gifts and do stuff with the kids."

And of course, all of Clarkson's newfound domestic bliss raises the question of how it'll affect her music, given how successful she's been at capturing the darker side of relationships with hits like 'Since U Been Gone.' But if radio programmers might miss angry Kelly, she sounds like she's looking forward to evolving: "It’s part of a whole different side of yourself that will come out in your music and writing. I love it."

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