In 2016, Kelly Clarkson is a revered performer, proud mother of two and soon-to-be children's author. In 2000, though, she was a cocktail waitress who ghosted bad dates at Bennigan's.

In an upcoming Ellen DeGeneres Show interview, a preview of which was posted to YouTube this morning (October 4), Ellen challenges Kelly to share an embarrassing story for a good cause. If Kelly's humiliation meets Ellen's satisfaction, the talk show host says, she'll donate $10,000 to breast cancer research in Kelly's name. And so, KC takes out the big guns.

In the clip above, Kel recalls a time — two years before American Idol's premiere — when she was trying to make ends meet by slinging drinks at a comedy club. One night, a guy she wasn't particularly interested in asked her repeatedly for a date, and while she had misgivings, she finally agreed. Ultimately, it proved to be a grave error. He was 5'2, she was 5'3", and while the height difference didn't bother her much, he couldn't stop talking about it.

Kelly took matters into her own hands.

"I went into the bathroom and I left," she says. "I'm going straight to hell, I'm aware. It's the worst thing I've ever done...I left him just sitting there at a Bennigan's. It was bad, y'all!"

Still, this is not to say Kelly didn't wrestle with the choice.

"Honest to god, I had a come-to-Jesus in the bathroom and I was like 'You will go out there!'...'You will go out there and be a good person!'" she remembers. "And I chose to not be."

Kelly Clarkson ghosts dates at Bennigan's.

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