You know how Kim Kardashian: Hollywood became the most unlikely app sensation on planet Earth? Well, smart sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner took note of its mega success and developed their very own mobile game, too, creatively titled Kendall & Kylie, and it’s officially yours to experience as the time-suck that it is.

The premise is pretty simple: You just moved to Santa Monica. You have no friends and no job, just a “tiny” apartment (if you were in New York it would be considered a luxury condo) and a smartphone. The point is to amass a social media following via networking (so on brand for the Jenners) and the choices you make dictate what you earn in the app.

Thankfully, games are much easier than real life — within the first five minutes of operating Kendall & Kylie I not only had a job and at least two friends, but I started to amass a social media following after also befriending both Kylie and Kendall who were mingling with commoners at a concert. (It should be noted that Kylie once commented on not being able to go to concerts, but whatever, welcome to virtual reality.) California is so fun and easy!

You can customize your own avatar with a limited amount of pre-loaded hair, makeup and outfit options and unlock more customizations as you complete various tasks. It’s an incredibly basic idea that is weirdly compelling and interesting, maybe because I have nothing else going on in my life. In any case, I’ve already wasted 20 minutes on it that I will never get back, but what else was I gonna do with that time? Read?


I exchanged two sentences with this guy, but now we're friends!


Kendall is just as awkward in the app as she is on television. I love this game!


Things got a little too real here, so I closed out the app and reflected on the choices that brought me this far.

The app was created by Glu Mobile, the company behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Katy Perry's less successful Pop game and an upcoming Taylor Swift mobile app.

Have you downloaded Kendall & Kylie yet? Will you download Kendall & Kylie? Do it and let us know how far you got before thinking about where you went wrong in your life!

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