Oh my goodness!  This was the best way to start my morning.  Kim Kardashian was flour bombed on the red carpet by a mysterious anti-fur activist.

TMZ posted video this morning of Kim Kardashian and her mom on the red carpet in Hollywood.  She is talking to photographers and a mystery lady comes out of no where and dumps a bag of flour on her head, and yelled "Fur Hag!"

So the first thing that comes to everyone's mind-PETA. But, here is what they told TMZ:

A rep for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals tells TMZ ... "It was not [us]. We were given the video by an anti-fur activist on the scene."

I'm sure Kim was p.o.-ed but she didn't let it show.  She brushed out her hair, dusted off her close and returned to the event.

Kim is infamous for wearing all kinds of fur all the time.  It is insane why she would continue to do so, even after her own sister Khloe Kardashian was a spokesperson for PETA.  I guess the diva does what she wants.  I doubt the flour will deter her from wearing it again.

The video is posted below and for more pics and details of the damage, visit TMZ.com.

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