If your in need of a costume for your child we are going to be giving away free costumes tonight at the Kiss FM studio.

We know how expensive it could be to buy new costumes for your kids for Halloween so with the help of NearFall clothing, Seva and our listeners they have all donated new and used Halloween costumes so no child will go to their Halloween activity or Tick or Treating without a costume this year. We will open the doors at 7pm tonight and it's first come first serve. We have sizes from infants to teen size!

Please get their early to get in line and we will send in a certain amount of families in at time to pick out a costume. We will allow 2 costumes per family and if there's left ove costumes you can have more.

BIG THANKS to NearFall clothing also Seva and all of our GREAT listeners for bringing in the costume donations to make sure no child in West Texas goes without a Halloween costume this year!

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