The biggest kissing day of the year is right around the corner!  What better way to prepare for Valentine's Day than kissing tips!  Buy a good gift of course, but when it comes time to lean in and kiss your Valentine, you better be ready to deliver the best kiss you can!


Here's 5 great kissing tips to think about.

Have GREAT Breath

Nobody wants to kiss a trash dump smelling mouth!  Whether it's the onions on the meal you ate for dinner, or maybe you smoke cigarettes, whatever you do, you need to be ready to freshen up your breath!  Get some good gum and keep it in your pocket or purse all day long on Valentine's Day so when you anticipate the moment, you can pop in some gum and get your mouth smelling minty fresh.

Kiss With Your Hands And Your Mouth

That's right, to deliver the perfect kiss, you need to get your hands involved, because a kiss is so much more than just pressing your lips into your partner's lips.  Do simple things with your hands like touch your partner's cheek or maybe cradle their head, hold hands while kissing, engage them with your hands and your mouth to really kick start some fireworks with a kiss!

Mix It Up Like A DJ

Yeah, we DJ's know how to mix it up!  But we're mixing music, that's not what you're after, you need to mix up your kiss.  Don't just lock lips and sit there jamming your tongue in their mouth!   You gotta move around a little, even go as far as to gently bite your partner's lip, this will create more excitement while you're kissing.  It carries suspense and lets your partner know that you're NOT a boring kisser!

Be A Tease, To The Nerve Endings

The lips and mouth have 100x the amount of nerve endings than your fingertips do!  This actually comes at an advantage though!  Harness the power of kissing through the nerve endings.  A great way is to start slow and soft, and build up to a rhythm of passion.

Remember, Your Tongue Is NOT A Weapon

Nothing is worse than going in for a kiss and getting a tongue just jammed down your throat!  You can't you too much force when you're kissing it can be a huge turn off!  Be subtle with your tongue, be gentle yet assertive.  You can't come across as afraid to use your tongue, but you can't just jam it in your partner's mouth at the same time.  French kissing is fun, but it does take practice!


So there's a few helpful hints to give your Valentine the kiss of their life this Valentine's day.  One more hint that's only for the ladies, you can't go wrong with some cherry flavored lip balm!  So ladies, think about getting some tasty lip balm to put on your lips this Valentine's Day for when you get ready to lock lips with your Valentine.


A big thank you to KISSTIXX for providing a ton of information for this blog!