We've heard from the fans, we've heard from the Athletics Director, we've heard from the players, and now we hear from the man himself.

In a statement released via Kliff Kingsbury's Twitter account:

Kingsbury started by thanking the people of Texas Tech and the community.

"It has been the honor of my life to be the Head Coach at Texas Tech and live in this community with the finest people in the world for the last six years." Kingsbury continued: "From the first day I stepped foot on campus as a freshman, I knew this place was home. In my heart, it always will be."

Kingsbury also reiterated his feelings toward the university.

"This was never just a job to me," he wrote. "Texas Tech was a dream come true and I am sincerely humbled to have worked at a special place that I love so dearly. My only regret is that we didn't get this program to the level that this University and community deserves."

Then, Kingsbury brought it home and closed strong: "I will always be Texas Tech and West Texas' number one fan with my Guns Up forever."

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