Lady Gaga wasn’t kidding when she said she is happy not having her own home (or the mortgage that goes along with it) and instead crashing on the air mattress at her parents’ apartment in New York City.

The ‘Marry the Night’ singer carries that attitude when she stays with her alleged boyfriend and ‘You & I’ video co-star Taylor Kinney in his San Diego beach shack. Photos of the abode have surfaced and it’s certainly a bit rugged!

Kinney has three roommates but Gaga would prefer to crash out with him than make accommodations elsewhere, which she can easily afford! Perhaps the Mother Monster is really in love with Kinney and wants to spend time with him in his own comfortable surroundings!

Brittany Sackett, a real estate agent who dated Kinney for about a year, spoke to In Touch Magazine (as reported by The Daily Mail) about Kinney’s digs, saying, “It’s really run-down.” You can see from the photos that it’s certainly laced with a beachy, frat dude, surfer-stoner vibe, with all the bright paintings.

Sackett said she broke up with Kinney when she caught him on a date with Gaga. He accidentally called her while he was out with the Mother Monster in September. What a bad time to pocket dial, huh?! Sackett said she heard Gaga gushing about Kinney and saying he was “sexy and creative.”

However, Sackett doesn’t share Gaga’s positive feelings about Kinney, calling him “dishonest and disloyal.” She also said that he’s “fame hungry,” which intimates that Sackett thinks that is the reason he is dating the most famous woman in the world who has said that her greatest work of art is how she handles her fame. Gaga also has an album called ‘The Fame’ and a re-release called ‘The Fame Monster,” so Sackett seems to be saying that Kinney is latching onto Gaga for her fame.

For what it’s worth, the fact that Gaga crashes out in a beach shack is cool by us. It’s not surprising either, since Gaga’s Lower East Side apartment is the East Coast/New York City equivalent of Kinney’ beach bungalow. She’s been there, done that and has fond memories of that period.

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