Lady Gaga had a bit of a roller coaster year in 2013 and she's venting. Ma Monster hinted at a betrayal by those closest to her while chatting with little monsters on her social media site.

Gaga, who dealt with a canceled tour due to hip surgery, less-than-spectacular reviews and reception of 'ARTPOP' and a split with her longtime manager Troy Carter, was a little blue as she vented to her precious monsters, pulling back the curtain in a very honest post.

She was clear that she was not talking about her label Interscope, which makes us wonder if she is indeed referring to her former management team.

It bums us out to hear that Gaga felt alone when she had her surgery.

Below is her unedited post. Her feed on her site is here.

you are so beautiful , and your message to me is so powerful. in fact it is much more than the media, the media has also supported me in the past. there are always ups and downs. my heart breaks from the people i have trusted and loved who i've worked so closely with, who have used me, lied to me, worked me into the ground for the personal gain. when i woke up in the hospital after my surgery there were many people that were not there. my health did not matter. i did not matter unless i could perform. this is a very hard lesson. I have lost love ones to the greed of money. it is not interscope. They in fact love me very much and will see ARTPOP to the end.

She also shut down that pervasive rumor that 'ARTPOP' cost her label $25 million dollars and staffers their jobs. That rumor didn’t appear to come from a reputable source.

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