UPDATE (10/26): Watch Gaga's full Carpool Karaoke episode up top.

If hair flips were a pop star's preferred currency, Lady Gaga's most recent — which she performed while filming the newest Carpool Karaoke segment — could only ever buy her about a half a tank.

Gaga, who's latest LP Joanne hit stores on Friday (October 21), tests her chops as a different kind of on-the-road entertainer in a preview of the next installment of James Corden's fan-favorite franchise. And while she's got no trouble swearing off slow-moving drivers ("Move!" she hurls at a traffic jam toward the top of the clip), she's not quite as efficient at adapting choreography to a compact space.

You should watch the whole thing, but first, quickly fast-forward to :54, where you will watch Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta exact a head-bang at which the Headless Horseman would scoff. Seriously, I am as deficient a dancer as one could conceivably be, and I'm sitting here watching this movement over and over like: ...?

Still, Gaga and Corden sing a little bit of "Bad Romance," which is fun, and perform a dramatic rendering of Gaga accepting a bid as 2017 Super Bowl halftime show performer, which is strange.

At the preview's end, Corden's suddenly dressed in one of Gaga's most avant-garde costumes, which he rightly deems an impediment to road safety.

"Love it, not ideal for driving, but I do feel alive," he observes.

Check out the clip above and be sure to tune in to the full segment tonight at 12:30 AM on CBS.

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