Yikes. It's like in a horror movie when the deadly fog gradually creeps closer and closer, gobbling up all living things in its path. Except it's made of ice.

In the startling, nearly seven-minute video shot on Saturday by Darla Johnson, ice atop Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota makes its way off the surface of the lake and onto the land, appearing to grow larger and larger as 40-mph winds push it farther and farther inland.

The "ice tsunami," as it's being called, completely covered some areas that had just recently been people's backyard lawns. It even managed to break through some windows and doors into people's homes.

"It was just pushing and breaking and pushing and breaking," Johnson told CNN. That seems an apt description: you can hear the ice moving along the ground, shards repeatedly breaking off and then getting swallowed right up by the ever-progressing monstrous sheet of white doom as it ceaselessly marches forward.



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