I know it seems we go through this every year. I mean it's no surprise that it snows here in the Texas Panhandle. I know we don't get as much snow as other parts of the country. It seems though that the snow brings out the worst in our drivers.

How Do You Drive in the Snow?

It seems we have two types of drivers here in Amarillo. We have the ones that drive slow and cautious in the snow. Then we have those that think they drive a big vehicle they can just make it miserable for everyone else. Nothing is worse than seeing one of those big vehicles speeding up behind you.

Luckily There Wasn't Any Ice In Yesterday's Snow

The driving is even worse when there is ice. Those big vehicles seem to think just because they may have four wheel drive but that doesn't work all that well on ice. Four wheel drive is not four wheel stop. So when there is ice sometimes it is those big vehicles that cause the accidents.

How Much Snow Does it Take to Cause An Accident?

It doesn't take much. Any change in the road conditions can cause headaches on our Amarillo roads. Yesterday's snow wasn't much when I left for work at 5am but it was enough to already see an accident on I-40 East. Luckily I was able to see that in my rear view mirror.

Driving Cautious is the Only Way to Go

I know it is not fun to be that cautious driver. It really is the only way to go. You can drive cautious and still go a decent speed. Just remember when you drive over one of those overpasses on the highway you may find it to be ice. So definitely pay attention.

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Let's all get to where we are going when we have weather like this.

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