As we all know Lake Meredith has been on the rise over the past few years.  And this Fourth of July they are going to celebrate in a big way.

It is a special year because not only has the lake been seen more traffic, but this year marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service as an agency.  So in order to celebrate, Lake Meredith is hosting a Centennial Fireworks Show.

I can't imagine anything more spectacular than an awesome fireworks show over the lake.  Now the show will not be on the 4th of July.  It will be held on Saturday, July 2nd.

The show take place at 9:45pm between Sanford Yake and Fritch Fortress.  While you will be able to see the fireworks from all over the lake, there are viewing areas that will be set up.  They will be at the Fritch Fortress, North Canyon, Cedar Canyon and Sanford Yake at both the campground and parking lot. Overflow parking will be located at Blue West on the north side of the lake. Of course, the best viewing are is on the lake.  So if you have a boat, three launch ramps are currently open, Fritch Fortress, Sanford Yake and Harbor Bay.

There will be all kinds of fun happening before the fireworks show.  Entertainment will be provided by local artist Jackie Haney.  There will also food vendors and other fun stuff.

So start your 4th of July Celebration this Saturday at Lake Meredith.