There was no cause for celebration today in the law enforcement community. In a moment of silence that echoed across the great State of Texas, lawmen of all rank recognized the loss of one of their own and honored the exceptional final act of service made by slain State Trooper Chad Walker.

The announcement for the fallen trooper's End of Watch was a poignant moment of reflection for all. Chad Walker was on duty when he pulled over to assist what he thought was a stranded motorist on the roadside near Groesbeck, a town just east of Waco and south of Mexia and barely a speck on the map. No sooner than Walker had put his patrol car in park had the driver exited the vehicle with a gun drawn, shooting the state trooper point blank without provocation.

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Law enforcement officers' oath to protect and serve can put their lives at risk

For every individual who chooses to become a peace officer, there is the sworn oath to protect and serve. And when that oath is made, there is an understanding that each shift may be the last--as Trooper Chad Walker found. The unpredictable nature of law enforcement as a job is never more clear than in how Chad Walker was killed in cold blood after pulling over to provide roadside assistance. It goes to show that even the most innocuous part of one's daily routine can head south at any moment for anyone. Walker was a seasoned lawman who started his career in 2003. And even for all his veteran wits and job experience, Chad Walker was killed in the line of duty and leaves behind a wife and four children--including newborn twins.

The suspected gunman who was said to have shot Walker died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in order to avoid apprehension following a full-scale manhunt.

State Trooper Chad Walker gives one final act of service, even in death

In a true final act of public service, even in death: as an organ donor, Chad Walker will bestow the gift of life to others who are in desperate medical need. Texas DPS officials went on the record as stating:

"This final sacrifice embodies Trooper Walker's actions throughout his life and service as a Texas Highway Patrol Trooper. The Walker family is grateful for the continued support and prayers as they remain at Chad's side."

Amarillo's Show of Support For Fallen State Trooper

Here in the Amarillo Area like everywhere else across the state law enforcement showed their solidarity for Walker and his family:

Both Randall And Potter County participated in the one minute of lights as well.

The Walker Family has already had the community of Groesbeck rally around them and so far have raised over $100,000 selling rabbits which was a passion of the fallen trooper. You can help out here

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