More than 300 pounds of marijuana seized during routine traffic stop on I-40 in Carson County.While driving down the road, a state trooper noticed a trailer that looked suspicious. He pulled the truck over that was towing the trailer. At that point, he noticed the trailer had a false bottom. Once it was searched, the trooper found 345 bags of pot and several bags of hashish oil. The value of the drugs has not been released.

The driver of the truck, Jerry Rencher, was booked into the Carson County jail on drug charges.

Texas is one of many states that has not legalized marijuana. However, even in Colorado, where it is legal to transport marijuana, the driver is required to have a retail license and only a certain amount of weed can be transported at a time.

It is also illegal to transport marijuana across state lines. Even if Rencher was a retailer in Colorado, his marijuana would be legal in Texas.

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