Legal battles have been plaguing the ailing radio legend Casey Kasem.

At 82, Kasem has been suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease and has been unable to speak.His current wife, Jean, made things almost impossible for Casey's children, from a previous marriage, to see their father.

Daughter Kerri had pushed for a temporary conservatorship and today (5/12) was granted to become her father's temporary caregiver.

Kerri's attorney told an L.A. Superior Court Judge that the children believe that the elder Kasem is somewhere in Washington state, while Jean's attorney said, "I have no idea where he is."

The attorney for Kerri Kasem also told the judge that their father had been moved repeatedly without any warning and were not permitted to see their father.

I'm sure there is even more to this story than any of us are aware of, but what saddens me the most is that this man, and an icon to the broadcasting industry, has to have his name and 'laundry' paraded in public.

Check out this youtube video and see why Casey was, and will always be, 'The King of the Countdown.'