It's a far, far cry from the drama surrounding Ray Rice, but another NFL running back is having his own issues.

Philadelphia Eagles star LeSean McCoy has seen his name besmirched after a restaurant in the city posted his receipt -- complete with 20-cent tip -- on its Facebook page.

Post by PYT.

While you may be horrified that someone would leave such a paltry tip, let's not let the restaurant, PYT, which is known for its outrageous food concoctions, off the hook. It's not cool to go public with the receipt and McCoy, whether he's an NFL star or not, shouldn't be taken to task in a public forum.

Go ahead and read some of the comments. It seems most of the people would tend to agree PYT was in the wrong for bashing McCoy.

Of course, would the notoriously harsh fans in the City of Brotherly Love feel the same way if McCoy wasn't the centerpiece of what should be an explosive offense?

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