Update, 8/8: Leslie Jones is officially headed to Rio for the 2016 Olympics, after her Twitter commentary landed her an invite from Jim Bell, the executive producer of NBC’s Olympics programming.

Original post: If you wanna get hyped for the Olympics, who you gonna call? Leslie Jones, of course.

No one is more excited for the 2016 summer Olympic games than Jones, who has been blowing up Instagram with Olympics-related photos, videos and commentary since the event kicked off in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Friday (August 5).

And lucky for us, the Ghostbusters actress isn't afraid to let her American freak flag fly in all its hilarious glory.

The Insta-spree all started on Friday, when Jones posted a video of herself sporting head-to-toe American apparel (pun intended), bouncing back and forth excitedly.

"IM READY FOR THRM OLYMPICS MANE," she wrote, heralding the iconic global sporting event like some sort of flawless post-Grecian muse.

Things only got more intense from there: In a follow-up video, the breakout Saturday Night Live star praised American teen Olympic gold medalist Ginny Thrasher for winning Team U.S.A.'s first gold medal in the women's 10-meter air rifle event.

"I want to give a shout out to Ginny Thrasher for getting us a medal, yeah! And shooting those rifles! Go ahead, Ginny! I’m watching the biking event right now. Go U.S.A.!" she exclaimed passionately in the clip.

In another video, her sing-song commentary on the swimming competition was on point:

And she even offered some honest feedback for an unruly spectator who invaded the cycling event:

While Jones' excitement continued on Instagram, it also spilled over onto another social media platform — Twitter — where she charged forward with hyping her followers (and us, if we're being honest).

Watch below:

Leslie Jones is the best version of all of us — unfiltered and unwavering in her patriot excitement. And we thank her for it!

Thankfully, those in charge of airing the games on NBC have (rightly) taken notice of Jones’ spot-on commentary.

TV producer Mike Shoemaker directed Mike Bell, executive producer of NBC's Olympics programming, to @Lesdoggg's passionate commentary. It looks like Leslie's landed an invite to watch the games in person:

Ghostbusters director Paul Feig is all for the idea, tweeting on August 7, "Go to the Olympics!!! Your country needs you to." Leslie seems to be considering the idea, and we'll offer an answer to her question below: Hell yes.

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