It's no surprise that every time we head to the grocery store it is hard to get out of there for under $200. I try. It seems every time it's $200 easily. That scares me. I mean I don't know about you but I don't have money to just blow like that.

We need food. Of course, buying meat is the most expensive part of the trip. Just looking at the cost of a steak makes my blood pressure go up. It really hurts in the pocketbook.

So I feel the best way to go about this is to have a group of friends or group of family members get together and do something about it. Have you ever thought of going in on a whole cow and having it processed?

I mean doing something like this is expensive that is why you need to get a group of people together. In the long run, it will be a lot cheaper than going to the store every week for your roasts, hamburger meat, steaks, and such.

Kobe beef with garlic,salt and pepper

Just doing a Google search about this exact thing it is much cheaper to buy a cow. Feed a cow to the age and size before you are ready to have it butchered. Oh and then to have it butchered. It's still much cheaper than we are seeing right now at the stores.

I am all for getting our staff here at the station to do just that. I mean we have a huge building. Do you think we could get a cow in our basement? OK, probably not. Bur really this is an idea.

Or you can buy a cow from a rancher that is ready to be butchered. All you have to do then is find someone who can do the butchering.

We even have a local family that started a business recently to do just that. They are called Panhandle Meat Processing and they are located in Randall County.

Other meat processing places in the area:

  • Edes Custom Meat Market
  • Caviness Beef Packers
  • Hunters Link Outdoors
  • Clint & Sons Processing and Retail Store
  • Holtex Processing Co
  • Panhandle Meat Processing

So if this is something you are really considering go ahead and do your research. I mean what is better than knowing exactly where your food is coming from? Oh, make sure you have plenty of freezer space too.

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