I'm getting several reports of a protest taking place right now at WTAMU in Canyon, TXLiberty Baptist Church of Amarillo is allegedly at WTAMU protesting to the students, speaking out against homosexuality and even other things.

I got this message on Facebook (user will be kept anonymous).

"I thought you should know...there is a church group out of Amarillo picketing at WT yelling at people just like Westboro Baptist. They have fag signs as well.


Campus police are now having to surround the group because students and the church are yelling at each other.


They are discriminating not only against homosexuals but also different races, and women.

A girl shouted out at them and they said that women don't get a voice in this. I know it is Liberty Baptist Church from Amarillo My friend took pics"

I don't know what Liberty Baptist is up to right now, probably a publicity stunt to get attention, oh wait, I just helped them with that, didn't I?  Dang it!  Still, what message are they trying to get across here?

If they're just out there "spreading the gospel", than that's fine, but if they're calling out gays and basically acting like the Westboro nuts like the person I quoted stated, I don't think that's very Cristian of them, or I mean Baptist of them.



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