UPDATE (April 19):

Celebrity Theatre, the venue that housed Lil Durk's event in Phoenix, Ariz. this past weekend, has released a statement following the rapper's outdoor concert.

"Celebrity Theatre was not the promoter for Saturday night's Smurkchella event," the statement begins. "Celebrity Theatre was simply the rental venue. We were not involved in the logistical coordination of the event whatsoever, nor did we sell the tickets. While we regret any inconveniences associated with the event, all complaints, constructive criticism, and refund requests should be sent to the promoter at smurkchella@gmail.com. Refunds can only be handled by the promoter."

UPDATE (April 18):

A woman who was reportedly injured while attending Lil Durk's concert that ended in chaos is now voicing her concerns. As reported by TheShadeRoom, Tahjee Gray, 23, was one of the people injured when people scrambled to safety at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Ariz. after reportedly hearing gunfire as Durk's show ended.

“My anger isn’t toward Durk,” said Tahjee, who flew from Newark, N.J. to see the Chicago rapper perform. “My issue is with the establishment and putting thousands of people at risk.”

Tahjee received cuts to her legs as a result of the stampede. She claims the show was going off without a hitch until the end when people reacted to a loud noise and began to panic and run in all directions. “It was a lot going on. We didn’t stay around to see what was happening,” Tahjee said. “My injury is the least of my concerns. My concern is that there were no safety measures at all.”

Tahjee is considering taking legal action.


A Lil Durk concert in Phoenix, Ariz. ended in chaos last night after concertgoers reported hearing gunfire and scrambled for safety.

The April 17 show, dubbed Smurkchella, took place at the Celebrity Theatre and also featured 1017's Pooh Shiesty along with Coi Leray. Phoenix Police Department spokesperson, Ann Justus, tells XXL: "At about 10:00 p.m., it was reported to police that as a crowd was exiting a venue near 400 North 32nd Street, shots were fired. Officers did not locate any victims from gunshot wounds. A few people suffered non-life-threatening injuries from attempting to flee the area. This is an ongoing investigation."

There have been conflicting reports as to if shots were actually fired or if a loud sound caused mass hysteria leading to concertgoers making a dash for the exits. One video posted to social media, reported to have been recorded in the aftermath of the concert, shows a woman bleeding from her hand. Chairs are toppled over and people look panicked. "What is going on? Like, we can never do shit," she exclaims after revealing she was cut in the melee. "We can never do shit. We can never have fun."

There have been other reports that a mic dropping loudly is what may have sent the fans into a frenzy, believing it to be a gunshot.

Durk, on the other hand, downplayed any negative events that may have occurred at the show. Early Sunday morning (April 18), he posted footage of the packed-out concert on his Instagram Story along with the message, "10k people sold out and no drama stop tryna stop us."

According to the venue's website, their indoor capacity is 2,650. However, the capacity for their drive-in events is unclear.

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LilDurk via Instagram

XXL has reached out to Lil Durk's team for comment.

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