When it comes to having the best game, someone out there is trying to make a even better one. Now do you remember NBA Live, been around for years since the Sega's Dreamcast. They were the top crop game for everyone to get, But till 2K came out with their version of an NBA game, it change everything

Speed up till now,  NBA 2K  is now the top NBA game to get every year, and for Live they been struggling to make a game on par with 2K even with some years not even making one. The new NBA Live 18 hits stores in a few weeks and so does a updated NBA 2K 18.

PlayStation and Xbox have the demo to Live 18 to play and the word so far is that the game is a big improvement and maybe can contend to the new NBA 2K. Now 2K has their demo coming out on the 8th, but the word as of now is that it will be the same game as last year, with not much updates, only a big update for online.

People take this serious on which game is better, reading comments on the trailers for these games can make you laugh a little.  So what game will be better this year?




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