Lil Wayne has made a huge impact on rap music, and now he is changing history.  He has just beaten Elvis Presley's record of number of hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Not only was yesterday Lil Wayne's birthday, but it was also the day that he put the 'King's' record to bed.  For years, Elvis has stood in a league of his own-The king of rock and roll.  But now it seems that a rap icon is on his level.

Thursday, The Game's newest single 'Celebration' made it's way to the Billboard charts at 82.  Since Lil Wayne appears on this track, this makes his 109th appearance on the charts.  That is one more than The King.


Elvis had 108 hits make it to the charts but Billboard stated that some of his hits came out before the Hot 100 was born in 1958.  Hits like  "Heartbreak Hotel," "Don't Be Cruel" and "Hound Dog."  And if we really want to compare, 10 of Weezy's hits made it to the top ten compared to 25 for the King.

Presley was named the lead in all 108 hits while Wayne had a lot of help to get to this number.  Only 42 song are lead by the rapper, the other 67 Wayne appeared as a guest.    Although the rapper holds the artist title, he isn't the current overall record holder.

The Glee cast has a total of 204 entries on the Hot 100.
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