Lil Xan's retirement only lasted about 24 hours.

After telling fans on social media he was quitting rap to focus on other things on Friday (Dec. 13), it appears the California rapper was just kidding. On Saturday (Dec. 14), Xan posted an unrelated video on Instagram that shows him having a huge feast.

He captioned the post, "Sorry to get your hopes up I’m not quitting haterszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ."

Just Friday, it appeared Xan was hanging up his mic. On his Instagram Story he posted, "I quit rapping and I'm only gonna focus on moving forward with the Xanarchy clothing line and brand [too]."

After a day to think about it, it appears Xan has had a change of heart.

Xan's year has been an event-filled one. In April, his girlfriend suffered a miscarriage a short time after the couple announced the coming birth via Instagram. In June, he pulled a gun on a man during a gas station confrontation and was later investigated for assault with a deadly weapon for the incident.

Last month, Xan admitted to suffering from seizures while trying to quit his Xanan habit cold turkey.

"You guys remember back when everyone was like, 'Oh, Diego's M.I.A. Where's Diego at' and stuff?" Xan asked during an interview with TMZ. "I was in the hospital..because I stopped taking drugs...I went cold turkey 'cause I didn't want to be on drugs no more. But the withdrawals actually gave me seizures, you know what I mean? It was a wake-up call."

Xan is prepping his forthcoming album, When September Ends.

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