Lil Xan is looking to reinvent himself and that goes for his rap name as well.

On Wednesday morning (May 6), Lil Xan, born Diego Leanos, rehashed a 2018 conversation about changing his stage name, announcing in a recent Instagram post that he will be going by Diego.

"Baby, I'm coming back better than ever," the 23-year-old rapper wrote in his IG caption. "I'm officially changing my name to "DIEGO" rn, Leaving the old in the past, and I changed the picture because so many people got but hurt that I picked a Lil Uzi edit lol I'm restarting and reinventing myself!"

This isn't the first time Lil Xan, which is seemingly short for the popular prescription drug Xanax—expressed his desire to rebrand himself. Two years ago, during the height of the anti-drug movement in rap, Xan told TMZ about his plans to distance himself from the drug-related moniker.

"I thought about changing my name to Diego," he said. "But for right now, we gon' stay Lil Xan. Later down the road, I'll change it to Diego."

The rapper utilizing his government name as his new stage name comes days after the "Wake Up" artist announced he would be releasing new music in the coming weeks.

"1,2,3,4 or 5 ? Also, HBS3 dropping in less than two weeks," he wrote in an Instagram post.

While Diego is gearing up for some new life changes, the California native has recently recovered from a panic attack. On April 21, news broke that he was hospitalized after suffering the attack during the coronavirus quarantine, which he told XXL was caused by cabin fever. The rapper added that he is feeling a lot better.

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