Growing up there was one thing I looked forward to every summer, church camp.  It was an awesome experience that has stayed with me my entire life.  Well, a group of local barbers wants to help send some kids this summer and you can help. 

One thing I remember from my childhood summers was church camp.  We would work all year doing fundraisers so that we could all go.  Then we would spend a week in the mountains of Colorado learning God's word.  It was an amazing experience that everyone should get.

A group of kids from the Voltage Youth Ministry would love to have this opportunity.  They have been working so hard fundraising but don't haven't reached their goal.  Their goal is to be able to send all 25 teens to church camp.  So a group of local barbers have decided to help send them.

On Monday, May 18th the barbers at The Empire, 2740 Georgia, will be doing $10 haircuts with all the proceeds going to the youth group.  It will be Monday only from 12-6pm.  Not only will you get an awesome cut, but you'll get to help send these kids to camp!

This is something positive that these kids will get to experience and will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  And if you would like to make a donation but can't make it to get a haircut on Monday, you can stop by the Youth Center at 1601 S. Arthur St.  Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated.

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