Who doesn't love reading a feel-good story? Especially when it involves the Amarillo area's men and women in blue. This is a post on Facebook from a guy named Lex Rogers to the group "True Support For The Badge." All I can say is WOW!

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On our trip to Phoenix Arizona yesterday and today, we encountered what we never thought was fixing to happen! As we were 10 miles away to Amarillo, in a city me and my wife had never been thru or seen, our car just stopped and rattled like crazy. We pulled off and our stress levels sky rocketed. I had the feeling I knew what happened, I immediately dial 911 as cars semis and trucks fly past. The 911 dispatcher had hard times hearing me of where we were broke down at, nobody stopped nobody checked.

I just so happen to look behind on to oncoming traffic and saw lights on top of a SUV. I waved the police officer down, he turned immediately into the grass, and came back around. I explained to this man that I believed our car ran out of oil. He told us to hold on and let him make a couple phone calls. About five minutes later, he rolls down his window, and says well I can take you to Walmart so that you guys can get your money sent from your family but I can't take you back. I asked if I could take a cab, he suggested that I take an Uber.

Well, we took the generous offer and he's started driving us towards Walmart. Kind of explaining our trip to him we were just fixing to pass a Dollar General, he stopped in. I kind of had the feeling he was about to buy us something. He came out with four things of oil and was going to take us back. He took us all the way back to our car 10 miles away and got out and helped us try and put oil in the car. After we get our oil in the car, we try and start it up, doesn't sound like it's trying to start, so we thought it was a dead battery. He said let me make a phone call and he called a Randall County Sheriff Deputy to come try and jump-start our car. Well, after attempt after attempt it kind of ran, but it sounded like a rod was fixing to go through the engine. I tried driving it as far as I could off of the road off the highway and it finally gave out.

Of course my stress levels skyrocketed even more being scared not from this place. He gets us out on to the side of the road, makes a few phone calls. At that time, we had to scrap the car to scrape up enough money to get a bus ticket, but they only gave us enough amount to get one bus ticket. Still having our family send us money, he suggested we could go and stay at a shelter until we have our money and that he would take us to go get it once the money was sent.

As we were waiting for the scrap tow truck to come buy our car off the side of the road, the Randall County officer and Potter County officer had helped us load our stuff into their squad cars. The Randall County officer had said hold on, I will be right back, I'm not taking your stuff. I trusted him. About 5 to 10 minutes later he comes back and we were all talking all about our situation and how we were and what our plan was. I just so happen to ask for a bottle of water and the Randall County officer said yes, I went and bought you guys some. He comes out of his car with bags and which he bought us food, a six pack of water, and my son some food, which he didn't know what to get because he didn't have kids which was very okay. Because of his generous offer I did not mind. And then pulls out $20 in his pocket and hands it to us. I thanked him highly and he claimed he was just doing his job. These two men put their heads together and we went all the way to Potter County where the Potter County officers truck was and he said we could load our stuff into his truck. As I was talking to the Randall County police officer, whose last name was all I got before he left which his last name is Davis. Real young man. I believe I graciously could not stop thanking him and he claimed over and over he was just doing his job. But in all reality, he was doing an act of heroism. Something I never thought whatever happened to me.

It doesn't stop there. The Potter County police officer had came over to us and told us let's go to the bus station, let's get the ticket to Phoenix and I'll buy the other one which was $177 out of his own pocket. I had got the confirmation numbers for the money being sent by my family, he refuse to let me pay him back. Then he offered to take us to his very beautiful home, let us shower. He cook tacos for us, let us watch his TV, he would not let me help with anything such as cooking or any kind of dishes or anything. I offered he just told me to relax and that we've had a very stressful trip and we need the rest. He let us sleep on his couch until 1 a.m. until we had to be at the bus departure. Lo and behold, he had to be at work at 5 a.m. again.

And this whole story it changed my whole view of police officers, not that I had a bad one, but this totally skyrocketed my view of police as I'm tearing up right now. These men not only claimed they were doing their job, but took half their day to make sure that me and my wife and my son we're okay and safe and not stressed out. As much as they know that we were stressed. These guys are angels in disguise and pure heroes on this earth. Thank you dearly will never be enough for what these men deserve. To SGT Williams of Amarillo police department and sheriff deputy Davis of Randall county. We love you guys and thank you so very much!!


Editors note: Punctuation and paragraph breaks were added to make it a bit easier to read.

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