Louis Tomlinson appears to be the latest (and last!) One Direction member ready to move forward with a solo career, according to a new report from British tabloid The Sun.

Tomlinson — who co-wrote several songs for One Direction during his time with the group, despite having the least amount of solos — reportedly had no plans to launch a solo career, until he entered the studio.

“Louis is a brilliant songwriter and had not initially planned his own solo career,” an unnamed source reportedly told The Sun. “But he’s been back in the studio and has been working on some really amazing music.”

The source continued, saying Tomlinson played several tracks for the higher-ups at Syco -- Simon Cowell's label -- and they responded favorably.

“He’s played some to the powers that be at Syco, who are really excited," they said. "They think he could be a real success as a solo artist, given his proven ability to write hit records and massive fanbase as part of 1D.”

If Tomlinson truly is on the verge of embarking on a solo career, he should probably touch base with former bandmate Niall Horan -- the sole member who keeps any hope of a future One Direction reunion alive.

“We will be back,” Horan said, during a red carpet interview in November. "We would be silly not to… ridiculous."

"At the moment we are all doing our own thing. Harry [Styles] wanted to do his movie [2017’s Dunkirk] and everyone is just chilling,” he continued. “I don’t think anyone needs to worry about us. We are fine.”

Yes, the future of One Direction is fine. Everything's fine!

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