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It's no secret among locals that Lubbock's main power company, LP&L, has rubbed plenty of us the wrong way. Hating a company that's notorious for charging you for your neighbor's service, changing your account numbers at the last minute or any other wealth of crazy s**t they've done over the years really brings us all together.

No matter what side of the fence you're on, politics and religion don't matter when we all come together to talk about how much we hate LP&L. It's kind of precious, really. That's why I decided to ask real LP&L customers to give me a one-sentence review of their experience with the company.

The answers were just as I'd expected. No Bueno.

"I can't say what I wanna say because it's all bad words." - Crystal Thompson

"Oh like how they tried to charge me $500 for a water leak THEY caused in my alley?" - Bethany Ivins

"Laziest bunch of monopoly ass idiots!" - Bekah Saurez

"Highway Robbery!!" - Randy Elizondo

"Linemen are friendly and helpful; some of the management (at least in the past) are real idiots." - Chaz Greene

"City Council Vacation Fund" - A.J. Burkett

"The city does not care, the Mayor does not care, so our thoughts and opinions are a moot point" - Topher Covarrubio

"Their switch-a-roo to ERCOT fried the motor in my garage door." - Alexis Ann Kubisz

"Paying our entire electricity bill in pennies one time..." - Jenna Gospodnetich

"They tend to screw me a lot for people who didn't actually buy me dinner first." - Lisa Hernandez

"Nightmare nightmare nightmare" - Luke Matsik

"It's one of the main reasons I moved away from Lubbock." - Wes Wicker

"Very unreliable regarding power outages, restoral, and billing, customer service is always nice, though." - Amy Black Whittle

"They don't actually read the meters, they just guess badly." -Kimmi Ramone

"I’m new to LP&L...all I have to say is holy f#%k balls..what was I thinking?!" - Courtney Boozer

"I’ve caught them guessing at reading my meter to the tune of $300 credit each time that I literally had to raise actual hell to receive MONTHS later." - Katie Thompson

"3 hour hold time...I had enough time to drive up there from work and show them I was on hold for almost 3 hours." -Benji Robert Hinkle

What do you think? Comment below or on our Facebook page if you have a salty review of Lubbock's biggest power company, LP&L.

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