Machine Gun Kelly has crafted a visual for his new single "Bad Things," which tells the tale of a destructive relationship. The Ohio rapper pairs up with collaborator Camila Cabello for a video that ends in dramatic fashion. The video accurately portrays the couple's bond, which MGK vividly describes in his lyrics.

"And we're both wild/And the night's young/And you're my drug/Breathe you in 'til my face numb/Drop it down to that bass drum/I got what you dream about/Nails scratching my back tat/Eyes closed while you scream out/And you keep me in with those hips/While my teeth sink in those lips/While your body's giving me life/And you suffocate in my kiss," Machine Gun Kelly raps on the first verse.

Machine Gun Kelly is no stranger to destructive behavior, something fans found out at the 2016 Soundset Festival. The rapper told DJ Skee that he nearly died after climbing up a metal beam during the performance.

“That one was a little weird because the other leg wouldn’t fit so I just had to rest all my weight on that one [beam] and I saw it slipping out cause the toe was the only thing holding me up,” MGK said. “So I was just leaning back and I was like… All I thought about was like if I’m gonna die, it’s gonna be right here in front of 60,000 wild fucking fans losing their goddamn mind. If I was gonna go, I was gonna go. I was completely okay with it.”

Fortunately for the Interscope artist, he came out of that situation unscathed. The couple in his "Bad Things" video weren't so luckily.

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