It's not news to anyone that Madonna acts like a diva from time to time.  But the latest incident involving hydrangea flowers has caused Madonna to put out a response video.

Madonna always seems to catch a bad rap for being who she has always been.  If you know anything about Madonna, then you know she is a DIVA.  Well this last incident has left her name buzzing around all media outlets.

If you haven't heard, a fan handed Madonna a bouquet of hydrangea flowers and, without knowing her mic was turned on, she uttered "I loath hydrangeas."

Well the media took that video and ran.  So of course, Madonna was labeled a horrible celebrity.  Which, I am not defending her-if a fan gives you flowers, any kind, take them and say thank you!  Well after all the media attention, Madonna decided to put out an apology video.

Now she did not apologize to the fan, but to the hydrangeas.  I have to say she has one heck of a sense of humor.  Check out the video and tell me what you think.

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