The Playroom, Sony's personal streaming program that launched with the PlayStation 4, is getting some new features to help encourage people to stream themselves talking about or playing video games, while also taking new efforts in limiting adult content available on the service.

Polygon reports that a brand new program called Set Maker is coming this summer, and it will allow those using the Playroom to create a "TV set" of sorts using a whole library of animations and backgrounds. The sets will be built and edited via a separate tablet, but everything will be broadcast via the PlayStation Camera as before.

The updates will also come with better moderation protocols so Sony can recognize, locate, and disable any funny business before it reaches the eyes of our impressionable youth. You may recall last year when a couple decided the Playroom was their own personal "playroom," broadcasting coitus for all the world to see. Sony is trying to avoid that, hence the new security aspects.

The idea of a gaming-related talk show using the Playroom is a really cool one, and hopefully the basic set design production suite that Set Maker brings to the table will teach the YouTube talk shows out there about production values. It's not enough to talk to your camera people, you have to make your show interesting visually too.

The new updates to the Playroom are expected to launch this summer.

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