The last album Kesha released was 2012's Warrior, but according to Sony Music, the pop star will have a new record out for her fans "soon."

In a statement released to BuzzFeed News, the record label stated that "creating a new album takes time, and everyone’s goal is to deliver a high quality album consistent with Kesha’s past releases."

Sony Music revealed, "We hope to share exciting new music with Kesha’s fans soon."

Understandably, Kesha's volatile relationship with her accused rapist and producer Dr. Luke, who has denied all allegations that he sexually assaulted the artist, has marred her relationship with Sony, the label to which she is signed through Dr. Luke's Kemosabe Records via a multi-album deal.

Despite their complicated and complex relationship, however, Kesha reportedly submitted 28 songs to Kemosabe over the summer, and Sony tells BuzzFeed that executives have been in contact with both parties to "keep the process moving forward."

Unfortunately, Kesha's lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, is less optimistic that an album will be released as "soon" as Sony hints, telling the site, “Kesha has been trying for six months to record and release new music. Only in the last month, after our last court hearing, has any progress been made, but it is hardly enough. Kesha still has received no commitments on promotion, songs, or even a release date..."

"We hope things turn around fast," he added. "Meanwhile, Kesha intends to continue participating in the creative process in the hopes she can meaningfully return to work."

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