A California man showed up completely naked and high on methamphetamine to ask for a job interview at a welding shop.

Jose Ayala showed off more than his soldering skills in search of an interview at a welding shop in the Del Paso Heights-area of California last week. The shop’s owner told a local TV station that Ayala arrived at the shop unclothed and disoriented. Police were called, and they apprehended Ayala, as this video shows:

To play devil’s advocate, Ayala may be the world’s best naked meth-head welder. Also, he may have a head start on the competition for the starring role in a Macaulay Culkin biopic.

The glass can be half-full, people.

Police later explained to everyone involved in the scuffle that Ayala is believed to be HIV-positive, according to officials. Police suggested everyone be tested given the circumstances.

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