The rumors are true! Glass shattering diva Mariah Carey and new school R&B crooner Miguel are working together. Mimi shared a 26-second teaser of their video/track, 'Beautiful.'

It's a video clip, where you hear the crackle of vinyl, the strum of a guitar and some of Mimi's husky giggles. There are no vocals from either Mariah or Miguel. They're making us wait for that!

It's simply images, like Mimi's signature butterfly and her buttery blonde hair, a blinged out wrist and a kicked off high heel, and some sounds, marked by the "#beautiful" hashtag and the following text declaration: "The new era begins," and then "05.06.13" flashes on screen.

The new era is Mariahguel! Or Marguel, if you wish.

So they will debut the song, the video or both on May 6. Heck yes we are stoked!

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