Miguel can't catch a break (or his own fall) these days. The 'Adorn' singer may be slapped with a lawsuit following his 2013 Billboard Music Awards performance.

For those somehow unaware, when Miguel took the stage at the BBMAs, he jumped at one point during his perf -- but didn't land properly, accidentally hitting fans close to the stage. One fan, Khyati Shah, was injured and captured on film backstage icing her arm but smiling and talking with the R&B singer.

Now it looks like only, to quote Bruno Mars, "money make her smile."

Fox News reports that Shah's attorney is looking into a lawsuit depending on how her medical bills from the incident fare, and that she's been suffering "difficulties" since the injury.

Of course, Shah's attorney did say she's open to a settlement. Because when you want quick cash, that's what you do.

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