The staff of ScreenCrush is positively swamped with Marvel stuff in the weeks leading up to Avengers: Infinity War. (Guys, it’s less than two months away. LESS THAN TWO MONTHSSSSSSS.) We’re rewatching every film in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’re making video essays about how every film fits together and how each Infinity Stone reflects the theme of the Marvel movie it’s featured in. We’re starting to dream about these characters. It’s getting a little weird.

Looking at all these characters day in and day out you start to see things you hadn’t seen before. And you start to consider stuff you hadn’t considered before. Like: Did the Avengers ever go back to that shawarma place? And, perhaps slightly more pressingly, what Marvel character has the best costume?

The following list hopes to settle at least that debate once and for all. (We’ll have to make a video essay to figure out the shawarma stuff.) Below are our 20 favorite MCU costumes. We included both heroes and villains, because bad guys are allowed to look good too. We didn’t include any supporting non-super-powered folks like Dr. Selvig or Pepper Potts because then you’re pretty much talking about the clothes people bought at the mall. Only superhero (or villain) costumes need apply. In ascending order, here’s the top 20 (at least according to us; feel free to let us know what we got wrong in the comments below)...

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