Okay, Marvel. This is cute. As exhausting as “teasers for trailers” can be, we’ll give you credit for this ‘Ant-Man’ preview, which is more of a snarky joke than an actual piece of marketing. Technically, this is our first look at footage from the upcoming film, but someone has apparently saturated the video with Pym Particles because the screen is literally too small for us to actually comprehend anything that’s going on.

Yes, you could try full-screening that video above, but trust us when we say that it’s not going to do much good. Marvel is teasing you because they know you want to go through that thing frame-by-frame and nitpick it all over the Internet. This is truly a trailer made for ants. Well played, Marvel. Well played.

To be fair, the video does actually contain some useful information, namely that the human-sized version of the trailer will premiere on January 6. If that date rings a bell, that’s because it’s the day that ‘Agent Carter’ is set to premiere on ABC. Yep, Disney are nothing if not masters of corporate synergy. Yes, bow before the conglomerate capable of premiering the trailer for a movie that takes place in the same universe as the new TV show that you’re watching on a network that they own. When the corporations take over the world, make sure that you pledge your allegiance to Disney and take shelter in their Apocalypse Dome because they will have all of the power and probably the most food and water.

Anyway, it’s about time that we get a good look at ‘Ant-Man’! This film has been surrounded by bad buzz ever since director Peyton Reed stepped in for Edgar Wright, but an effective trailer can go a long way toward changing public perception. We want to be excited about a comic-book movie starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas. Let us be excited! Give us an excuse!

‘Ant-Man’ will arrive in theaters on July 17, 2015. We imagine that the trailer will be online soon after its TV debut.

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