Since the premiere of the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, fans and celebrities have made known their feelings about the singer and his alleged abuse of women. One of those people is Master P.

On Monday (Jan. 7), the No Limit Records founder went on Instagram to voice his opinions about R. Kelly and the victims that have suffered under the singer’s alleged mental and physical abuse. In one video, it appears Master P doesn't think parents of the alleged victims did enough.

"Let me tell y'all about R. Kelly. The truth is I don't like the parents," he states. “Y’all know I ain't gonna be on no reality show or Lifetime, I'ma be on CNN, straight up. It's gonna get real, think about it, I'm not about to play with nobody, I'ma burn it down, I'm gonna do something."

Master P continues, "Ain't nobody gonna play with my kids. Straight up. You shouldn't have even been on TV, and if you a parent, you shouldn't be on that unless you on CNN from a jail cell," Master P continued in a second video. "I don't know if R. Kelly did it or not, that ain't any of my business, I ain't judging, but I'm just saying those parents shouldn't have let that go that far. If you got love for your kids, you are going to war behind your kids. You ain't doing no reality show."

R. Kelly is reportedly planning to sue the producers of the Surviving R. Kelly despite having not seen the docuseries. This claim falls right in line with his previous claim that he'd file a federal lawsuit against Lifetime.

Check out Master P's Instagram videos below.

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