Showtime may have put one of its most iconic series to pasture last night (for good, we hope), but will soon bounce right back with next Sunday's premiere of 'Homeland' season 3 and original drama 'Masters of Sex.' The Michael Sheen-Lizzy Caplan period drama has earned rave reviews across the board thus far, but why not see for yourself in two brand new sneak peeks?

While the entire full-length uncensored pilot has been made available to preview Showtime's sizzling new series, the two brand-new clips from 'Masters of Sex' might just make it easier to check out the new drama without raising any nearby eyebrows to your computer screen. The first features Bill Masters (Sheen) as he learns surprising truths in his rudimentary experiments of human sexuality, while the second introduces Caplan as Virgina Masters, the applying female counterpoint to help Masters with his ongoing study.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, ‘Masters of Sex’ follows two famous, real-life human sexuality research pioneers of the 1960s, the aforementioned William Masters and Virginia Johnson, chronicling the duo’s unconventional lives moving from a St. Louis teaching hospital to Johnny Carson and the cover of Time Magazine. The series is adapted from Thomas Maier’s book ‘Masters of Sex: The Life and Times of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, The Couple Who Taught America How To Love.’

We've no doubt that 'Masters of Sex' will quickly wipe away the stains on Showtime's reputation from this past weekend, but in the meantime, check out the first sneak peeks above and below, and tell us if you'll watch the new series in the comments!

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