Today, I had the opportunity to receive a reading over the phone from Maureen Hancock, the Psychic Medium or "Comedian Medium".  I gotta say, going into this, I was skeptic.  I was prepared to play along with the reading just for the sake of the radio show, but when she began, I was absolutely blown away!  Folks, Maureen is the real deal!  My reading with Maureen left me overwhelmed with emotions, and completely changed my outlook on life, and death!  She's coming to Amarillo, and I think everyone can benefit by attending this event!

I promise you, none of this was rehearsed.  We didn't script a single line of this conversation.  I was left with my jaw dropped, tears in my eyes, and a strange feeling of comfort and relief that I simply can't describe.

Listen to my reading below, a reading that changed my life!

If you long for closure after the passing of a loved one, I encourage you to attend Maureen's event!  EVERYONE will leave with a changed heart, EVERYONE will take something positive from it!

My life will never be the same, from her saying my grandma can breathe now (my grandma was suffering from lung cancer and breathing problems), from my brother-in-law coming forward to take responsibility for his actions, to my grandma and grandpa saying they had my nephew Brian in their arms and holding him...I can honestly say I am a changed man!

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