Puppy Tales is something that our Amarillo Public Library offers for free.  You may be asking yourself what is Puppy Tales.  This sounds interesting.  Is it stories about dogs?  Is it something for the kids?  

Puppy golden retreiver

Puppy Tales is a fun time for you your young kids learning how to read to practice with out the pressure of having an adult, a sibling or a teacher staring at them.

Kids get to come to the library and pick out a book and read to a furry friend.  They get to practice their reading skills by reading out loud to dogs.

How awesome is this, they get to practice their reading by reading to dogs.

Don't worry these are your run of the mill house dog, they are therapy dogs that are brought into the library for Puppy Tales.

The kids love it and the dogs love it.

So if you are looking for something perfect for your kids to practice their reading then bring them to Puppy Tales at the library.

WHAT: Puppy Tales

WHEN: Saturday, April 16th, 11a-12n

WHERE: Downtown Library - 413 SE 3rd

COST: Free

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