Have you ever had to have an MRI?  Most of us haven't, but if you have you know how uncomfortable it is in that MRI tube.

Now imagine a small child having to have an MRI.  Imagine how terrifying that would be to a toddler or even a younger child.  Most children do have to be sedated when they have to have MRI's because they cannot stay still and you have to stay still when you are having an MRI.

Did you know that there are these wonderful things called MRI Goggles.

MRI Goggles can be used to keep kids calm during MRIs.  The benefit of MRI Goggles, kids don't have to be sedated before the MRI.


The MRI Goggles are placed on the child and what the child sees is their favorite TV show or favorite movie.   The movie keeps the child occupied as their little body is put in the MRI machine and they are preoccupied with the movie instead of the big tube.

So the plus of having these goggles is that it keeps our children calm, and there isn't the added danger of sedation or the costly expense of sedation.

So please donate to CMN so we can help get MRI Goggles in our hospitals so our kids and have a calm experience when having an MRI.

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