A note from the Pharmaceutical Expert: Robin Johnson, RPh

I graduated from SWOSU many, many years ago and started working for Gary King Pharmacy in the early 80’s to give Gary King an afternoon off to play golf. I never wanted to own a pharmacy, and was very content working part time for Gary. As his business grew, I began working more and eventually I purchased part and then in 1995 I purchased the entire pharmacy from Gary. Our partnership enabled us to pursue some personal and professional goals. Gary is now a partner in a compounding only pharmacy in Castlerock, Colorado. KCP has gradually transitioned from a part time job, to a primary focus in my life. I rapidly learned that I have no management skills, but I figure that if I work hard enough, I can make up for that. My primary problem is that every time the phone rings, my job description changes.


Problem solving is something that I thoroughly enjoy and love each opportunity that I have to research a product or solution. The experiences that I have greatly improve my personal skill set. I love to gain new information at seminars and through reading and love even more, sharing that information with others. I enjoy one on one hormone and nutrition consultations, and also enjoy conducting seminars. I don’t enjoy paying taxes and doing paperwork, which unfortunately are both my jobs also. I think it’s interesting to note that, you can’t hate getting older, when getting older provides you the opportunity to learn something new to share with people in similar situations.

One of my greatest loves is hospice care. I can remember that years ago we gathered around my grandfather, as he was dying of heart problems. His passing was not a comfortable event and has marred my memory of him. It brings me great pleasure to be involved in the comfort and care of others in that situation. I never cease to be amazed at the efforts of our hospice nurses, as they look at the entire situation involving the patient, and write their care plans thoughtfully.

While you're here, be sure to check out my blog or give us a call, I would love to hear from you on how we're doing. I look forward to working with you.

-Robin Johnson, RPh
Owner, King's Compounding Pharmacy

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